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Jeremiah 17:9

“Who can understand the human heart? There is nothing else so deceitful; it is too sick to be healed.

Someone may be abused because of (mis)conceptions about love—this could be the very reason that many a people say that when you love someone, you must ready yourself to sacrifice everything; you must cease from complaining; you must love until the end—to the extent that you are utmost dejected.

We are often duped by our outlook that loving someone is a replication of our favorite fantasy movie; that love is always a fairy tale where when climax is over, a flawless denouement awaits. Therefore, you can find it rational to disagree that life is a roller coaster that only goes up. So think, is it possible to have a happy ending wherein the very person who thinks that hurting you as a lucrative business is apparently your partner?

Never let yourself to be a servile to anybody. It is an undeniable norm that most often than not, people are blinded by love (or lies). Do not be fooled by promises and kisses and sweetness. Open your eyes and listen to what your conscience says. You might be too infatuated that it is too difficult for you to see things clearly. The truth is, you are neither blind nor blinded. It is only that you choose not to see anymore because you are afraid to feel the pain—in fact, you do, you just pretend you don’t.

Do not allow love be unrequited. When you are in an intimate relationship, you are the most deserving person to feel loved. Sadly, rustier than a cliché, to be loved back is a battle cry many people are deaf about.  When you are sure enough that you are playing the “one-way” within the “two-way” affection, there is no point of staying in a relationship for good when your partner always makes you fretful that you will soon get what you deserve. It is not about asking for things in return, it is just about wanting for things to be fair.

Be not afraid to lose the past, be afraid to lose the future. It might be true in a sense that the investment both of you had might turn into a not so beautiful nightmare. But if it seems impossible to change your partner into an ideal someone who can be fair enough to you, maybe it is the time for you to burst the bubbles. Sometimes, that “somebody” you need to consider is yourself. If it is not anymore too early to leave, do so. Do not let yourself get so much trauma that you would lose all the positive outlook towards your awesome morrow—life is not about holding the past, it is about preparing for the future.

Your dreams are still dreams. Don’t be so worried and restless if you are giving up your partner. There are so many fish in the ocean, and you can get some that don’t bite. If you have already figured out a dream with that person, there is none much to be apprehensive about. You must just give up the person and not your hope. Whether with that person or otherwise, there is always a reason to continue what you have started out. It is just like: “when you got infected twigs on your plant, you just cut that small branch and not the whole plant.” Always know your priorities. The people who will be with you are apparently a product of your choice and not of anybody else’s.

It can be normal for you to detest or loathe somebody who abused your love and loyalty. But, it must not take quite a long while for your resentment to fade out. If you would NOT think forgiveness as a fair ground to consider, soon you will be transformed into someone worse than the person you hated the most.

Jeremiah 17:10

I, the LORD, search the minds and test the hearts of men. I treat each one according to the way he lives, according to what he does.”

PRC Registration: Steps and Tips

Posted: November 19, 2014 in The RYE Thing

Hello, fellow professionals!

I would just like to share with you some relevant information if you are about to undertake the registration re Oath Taking as professionals.

Things needed:

  • Oath Form
  • 2 documentary stamps
  • Community tax certificate (cedula)
  • Short brown envelope
  • 2 pcs of passport size picture with name plate
  • Pens (color black is preferrable)
  • Pentelpen
  • Glue or stapler

ONLY the following steps (the boldfaced parts) are the ones posted beside the windows area of PRC. The notes, tips, and other details are just included by the writer.



Present downloaded Oath Form to the assigned Verification Officer.

NOTE: Do not forget to complete the necessary information being asked such as the cedula number and others.

Glue or staple one of your documentary stamps on the space where it is required to be adhered onto. After you passed the form, wait for your name to be called by the Verification Officer.

Important documents:

  1. NOA or any valid ID (if you were not able to print out the oath form from PRC web portal).
  2. Documentary stamps (these stamps are available beside the photocopying machine by the entrance gate. Each costs ₱ 21.00; you are required to purchase two (2) documentary stamps.
  3. Cedula (if you still have the one you used during the Board application, that would still be effective IF it is within the 1 year validity since the date you received it).

TIP: There is no long line in front of the personnel where you will pass your NOA or valid ID. Better ask the guards where she is located to avoid confusions.



After verification, proceed to the cashier for payment.

NOTE: Prepare the exact amount for your payment to avoid any hassles. After you received your official receipt, write the following (using your pentelpen) at the back of your envelope:

Name (first line)

Profession (second line)

License number (third line)

TIP: Sometimes, the guard roaming around the Cashier windows asks payers on the queue to proceed to the 3rd floor where there are no long lines as to the ground.



After payment, the Registration Officer will print out the individual registry sheet. You will be required to affix signatures and right thumb mark.

NOTE: You will be given a form wherein you will be asked to write the date and the OR Number onto the back part—you need to pass it to Windows 7. Sit back and wait for your name to be called. Then, a form will be given where you will be required to affix your signature as a specimen. DO NOT STAMP A THUMB MARK, YET.

TIP: You can just save time and sign the document after you went back on the line of chairs (because you need to queue up again for Step IV).



Submit all documents, short brown envelope with 1 passport size picture, and 1 pc documentary stamp to the Registration Officer. The Registration Officer will issue the claim stub.

NOTE: While seated, place one (documentary stamp) and one passport size picture inside the short brown envelope. Wait for your turn to stamp your thumb mark at Window 8. Then, do not forget to receive your “claim slip”.

After you stamped your right thumb mark on the necessary document and received your claim slip, you may proceed to the office releasing the tickets.

Tickets are available at: Room 508 5th Floor, Don Lorenzo Building in front of PRC Building.

Per the personnel at the ticket-office, tickets may be claimed and paid at the venue for oath taking. Seats will be occupied in a “first come, first serve” process.

For LET passers, tickets cost 300php/head;

For guests, tickets cost 200php/head.

TIP: As much as possible, avoid going to the ticket office during noon break.

May God bless and keep you all!

DISCLAIMER: This blog was written upon request. Though some are sort of cheesy and mushy and green, one can do no better than to reflect. I wrote this on the second quarter of the year, so this may contain contents I did not perfectly comprehend back then. But then again, this one is empirical—anybody can challenge.

1. When you say “I’m feeling cold.”, he won’t give you a jacket… he’ll give you a warm hug. He mastered Discourse Analysis, dude! He knows what your every single word means.

2. He got a very flexible tongue because of Linguistics 101. Cool, right?

3. He knows what Freud added to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. And, he loves Freud because of that. He calls that “reality of life”.

4. He knows when to capitalize and when not to: you can get no “bankcrupt” out of him.

5. He can make your period a sentence and your sentence a period. He is a very accurate interpreter.

6. He studied CBI and ESP, so whatever your FOS is, he will be able to adjust himself for you.
Note: FOS means Field of Specialization. Not the “F” that you think, and the “S” that you assume.

7. He pronounces words correctly, so you both will not have an ugly, crazy conversation such as this:

Girl: What do you want?
Boy: I want a fuck (instead of fact).
Girl: What? Again, what do you want?
Boy: I said, I want a fuck (fact, instead).
Girl: WHAT?
Boy: Give me a shit (sheet, dude), I’ll write it for you, idiot.

-Then the girl gave a shit.-
-Then they broke up-
-The boy cried-

8. He is not an exhibitionist, but he ejaculates his mind well in public. He calls that “brainstorming”.

9. He doesn’t want long talks, guys. He did not even attempt to finish reading Mahabharata!

10. He does not just correct your grammar. He corrects you as a person, too.

11. He knows the answer to my question: What two balls always go together?
*Correct! Venn Diagram, folks. Don’t think of other balls—that is gross.

12. He perfects metaphors. He can compare you to a rat, a cockroach, a worm, a wildebeest but he never will. Why? Because he loves you.

13. He does not believe in “multitasking”. So, he knows he can never love you and another at the same time. He is LOYAL.


14. He, as an English major, can only give you a bleeding nose, NOT a bleeding heart.

Mga Regalong Walang Balot

Posted: November 14, 2014 in The RYE Thing

Alam ko po na marami na ang bumati sa inyo ng “Happy Teachers’ Day” ngayong araw. Siguro rin po, kagabi pa kayo nasasabik na dumating ang umaga dahil alam ninyo na ang araw na ito ay para sa inyo. Kagabi pa rin po siguro nasasabik ang mga estudyante dahil alam nila na hindi kayo magtuturo. Marahil, may ilan na nagbigay ng mga bulaklak, ng mga tsokolate, ng mga manyika o ng iba’t ibang nakapagpasaya ng inyong puso kahit sa maliit na paraan. Lamang po, pagpasok niyo pa lang sa tarangkahan ng paaralan ay may nakaabang na agad upang bitbitin ang inyong dalang bag o makipagkuwentuhan man lang dahil nahihiyang magsabing “Ahy, ako na po ang magdadala ng gamit niyo.”. Panigurado po, pinaghandaan niyo ang araw na ito.

Sa araw na ito, gusto po naming magpasalamat sa mga pagtitiis ninyo. Pinagtiyagaan niyo po kami noong panahong pagpasok namin sa classroom ay amoy araw pa kami kahit hapon na. Kahit na dinurumihan namin ang sahig ng silid na bagong linis lamang ng mga cleaners, naunawaan niyo po kami. Hinabaan niyo po ang pasensiya ninyo kahit alam n’yo pong ilang beses namin kayong napagtawanan nang palihim dahil may chalk ang puwetan ninyo o di kaya’y may sulat ng penteplen sa mukha ninyo. Minsan ding pinaganda ng mga nakadikit na scotch tape sa damit o braso ninyo ang araw namin. Kahit po alam ninyo na minsan namin kayong binola ng “Wow! Ang blooming niyo po ah?”, hindi nag-init ang inyong ulo kahit alam niyong ang totoo, mukha na po kayong haggard dahil kami na ang pangpitong klase niyo. Sa halip, gumanti po kayo ng ngiti. Alam po namin na sa ngiting iyon, hindi niyo po alam kung matutuwa kayo dahil akala niyo totoo, o magagalit kayo dahil alam ninyong inuuto namin kayo.

Pasensiya na po sa pagpapahirap. Sorry po kung madalas, hindi niyo po maintindihan ang sulat namin sa mga essay type test. Sinasadya po talaga namin ‘yon para hindi niyo na basahin dahil wala naman talagang kalaman-laman ‘yon. Sorry po dahil minsan, hindi po talaga kami ang gumagawa ng mga takdang aralin. Tama po kayo, pinapagawa po namin ‘yon sa mga kaklase na kaya naming kutusan o ‘di kaya’y sa mga kaibigan namin na always to the rescue. Minsan na nga po naming pinagtripan kayo nang magpasa kami ng project dahil pinagrambol rambol lang namin ang paragraphs pero ang totoo, sa isang artikulo sa Google lang lahat nanggaling. Hindi niyo na rin po siguro mabilang ang mga idinahilan namin kung bakit madalas pa sa madalas ay hindi kami nakapagpapasa ng mga gawain sa deadline. Kesyo nagkasakit si nanay, si tatay, si lola o kung sinuman, nagbrown-out, nakalimutan sa bahay o walang pampaprint. Salamat po dahil lagi niyong ineextend ang pasahan. Aminin niyo nga po, may deduction na po ba ‘yon kapag ganon? Sorry po kung madalas naming pinagdarasal na sana, malimutan niyo ang visual aids niyo o sana nama’y ‘di gumana ang projector para sa presentation niyo. Alam po namin na pinagpuyatan niyo ‘yon. Pero aminin niyo po, minsan sa faculty room kayo nagsusulat sa manila paper ng lesson.

Pero kahit na po makukulit kami, sana po malaman niyo na mahal na mahal namin kayo. Kahit na mas marami pa ang segundo ng pagtuturo niyo kaysa sa kinikita niyo. Kahit na po mas makapal pa ang mga chinechekan niyo kaysa sa laman ng mga pitaka niyo. Kahit pa mas mahaba pa ang pasensiya niyo kaysa mga oras ng tulog niyo. Kahit na mas maraming beses namin kayong napasimangot kay sa napangiti. Kahit pa mas marami sa amin ang minsang nakalimot kay sa nakaalala. Kahit na mas marami pa kayong oras sa amin kay sa inyong mga kapamilya.

Salamat po, Ma’am at Sir! Kayo po ay mga napakagagandang regalo mula sa Panginoon na hindi na kailangang ibalot pa.