Posted: December 13, 2014 in ---only for HIM---

Witty I was pre-time a nay!

Brains so screwed very glued heyday.

Taught bright-white oh too grey as clay.

Duped dwell on light but went astray!


Till he came by Thouyou, my GOD.

I, pilgrim, found where’t dwell my bod.

An nth non-seared methinks to nod,

GOD’S hasty hands sav’d me on sod.


He caught the minds from days of yore.

But just he reads; as if a lore.

Thou’d be amazed, he got the core.

And hath lied none, too hath loved more.



The Biblicist thou’ll really heed.

A friend thou need, a friend indeed!

In bliss I am, I got a meed.

It was the time I learnt to read.




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