PRC Registration: Steps and Tips

Posted: November 19, 2014 in The RYE Thing

Hello, fellow professionals!

I would just like to share with you some relevant information if you are about to undertake the registration re Oath Taking as professionals.

Things needed:

  • Oath Form
  • 2 documentary stamps
  • Community tax certificate (cedula)
  • Short brown envelope
  • 2 pcs of passport size picture with name plate
  • Pens (color black is preferrable)
  • Pentelpen
  • Glue or stapler

ONLY the following steps (the boldfaced parts) are the ones posted beside the windows area of PRC. The notes, tips, and other details are just included by the writer.



Present downloaded Oath Form to the assigned Verification Officer.

NOTE: Do not forget to complete the necessary information being asked such as the cedula number and others.

Glue or staple one of your documentary stamps on the space where it is required to be adhered onto. After you passed the form, wait for your name to be called by the Verification Officer.

Important documents:

  1. NOA or any valid ID (if you were not able to print out the oath form from PRC web portal).
  2. Documentary stamps (these stamps are available beside the photocopying machine by the entrance gate. Each costs ₱ 21.00; you are required to purchase two (2) documentary stamps.
  3. Cedula (if you still have the one you used during the Board application, that would still be effective IF it is within the 1 year validity since the date you received it).

TIP: There is no long line in front of the personnel where you will pass your NOA or valid ID. Better ask the guards where she is located to avoid confusions.



After verification, proceed to the cashier for payment.

NOTE: Prepare the exact amount for your payment to avoid any hassles. After you received your official receipt, write the following (using your pentelpen) at the back of your envelope:

Name (first line)

Profession (second line)

License number (third line)

TIP: Sometimes, the guard roaming around the Cashier windows asks payers on the queue to proceed to the 3rd floor where there are no long lines as to the ground.



After payment, the Registration Officer will print out the individual registry sheet. You will be required to affix signatures and right thumb mark.

NOTE: You will be given a form wherein you will be asked to write the date and the OR Number onto the back part—you need to pass it to Windows 7. Sit back and wait for your name to be called. Then, a form will be given where you will be required to affix your signature as a specimen. DO NOT STAMP A THUMB MARK, YET.

TIP: You can just save time and sign the document after you went back on the line of chairs (because you need to queue up again for Step IV).



Submit all documents, short brown envelope with 1 passport size picture, and 1 pc documentary stamp to the Registration Officer. The Registration Officer will issue the claim stub.

NOTE: While seated, place one (documentary stamp) and one passport size picture inside the short brown envelope. Wait for your turn to stamp your thumb mark at Window 8. Then, do not forget to receive your “claim slip”.

After you stamped your right thumb mark on the necessary document and received your claim slip, you may proceed to the office releasing the tickets.

Tickets are available at: Room 508 5th Floor, Don Lorenzo Building in front of PRC Building.

Per the personnel at the ticket-office, tickets may be claimed and paid at the venue for oath taking. Seats will be occupied in a “first come, first serve” process.

For LET passers, tickets cost 300php/head;

For guests, tickets cost 200php/head.

TIP: As much as possible, avoid going to the ticket office during noon break.

May God bless and keep you all!

  1. Ma. Cynthia Saguirre says:

    Thanks for the Info Prof. Magorium.. It’s a big help 🙂

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